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Viale G. Marconi 438
Cesena, FC 47521
Elements srl

Elements srl is a startup company in the semiconductor field founded in 2013. Elements produces high accuracy miniaturized measurement instrumentation for nanosensors analysis and electrophysiology.

Elements technology is based on the microelectronic design of custom semiconductors (ASIC) using standard and low-cost CMOS process. Several years of experience in the semiconductor design applied to biosensing devices give to Elements team an excellence in very low amplitude signal readout, single- and multi-channel acquisition, low power management techniques, analog-to-digital conversion, digital data elaboration and software data interfaces.

Elements semiconductors can measure currents in the picoAmpere range with bandwidths up to hundreds of kHz. This technology allows the company to produce high performance instruments, miniaturized, easy-to-use and low-cost that enable nanotechnologies to be employed in new applications.

In two years of activity Elements products have been distributed at global level in countries such as USA, China and Europe. Elements collaborates with research centers and European leading companies in the electrophysiology field, contributing to the innovation of the measurement systems available in the market.

Visit our website: www.elements-ic.com
Elements srl | Viale G. Marconi 438 Cesena, FC 47521 Italy | +39 328 8899408
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