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2 Bain Square
Kirkton Campus
Livingston, EH547DQ
United Kingdom
Edinburgh Instruments

Founded in 1971, Edinburgh Instruments Ltd is a global provider of sophisticated, state-of-the art Analytical Instrumentation for optical spectroscopy.

Our unprecedented expertise and contribution to the scientific community has firmly established Edinburgh Instruments as a leading manufacturer of a wide range of high quality Fluorescence Spectrofluorometers and Accessories, Gas Lasers,Picosecond Pulsed Lasers and LEDs, OEM Gas Sensors and Gas Monitors.

We are dedicated to delivering trustworthy, high-quality, high performance, stable and reliable products combined with service excellence worldwide. This has helped establish Edinburgh Instruments as an innovative leader in the marketplace.


Supplied by our Photonics Division, we design and manufacture a range of spectrometers that use sophisticated fluorescence techniques to unlock the details of the most demanding applications. Our experience in pioneering developments in fluorescence spectroscopy is second to none, stretching over 35 years with almost 1000 systems installed in Universities and leading research laboratories worldwide.

Designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for fast, accurate and reliable measurements, the modular architecture of our spectrometers gives you the choice and flexibility to build a system to suit your application. The pedigree of our products guarantees you receive the highest performance and the highest specifications.

Visit our website: www.edinst.com/
Edinburgh Instruments | 2 Bain Square Kirkton Campus Livingston, EH547DQ United Kingdom | 217x-721x-7730
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